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If you're tired of traditional schooling and are looking for real world experiences then choose Pathways High.

world learning

Our Real World Learning Model is comprised of three mutually reinforcing components:

  • Interdisciplinary Seminars

  • Daily Advisory

  • IMPACT Experiences


Academic and Future Readiness (EMPOWER) standards are accomplished in a real world context. The challenges facing us today demand more from us than ever before -- more creativity, more diversity of perspectives, more intersection of concepts and ideas, more productive collisions, more collaboration. 



When we trust students with the skills to make good decisions about their learning and support them through missteps,

they become successful, independent decision-makers.


diversity by


We are intentionally bringing together young people and adults from wide-ranging communities with diverse socioeconomic, ethnic, racial, cultural, sexual, and social identity backgrounds in order to provide broader perspectives with which to formulate, view, and solve real world problems.


We are committed to fostering the development of relationship building and networking skills. As globalization rapidly increases, students and staff will have the self-knowledge and relationship building skills to thrive in our interconnected world.

excellence through


We strive for excellence by doing work that has purpose and meaning. Furthermore, we believe excellence is determined by assessment of performance on real world projects. Assessment includes teachers, peers, self, and authentic audiences, as often as possible.

EMPOWERing students with essential life skills

our core values
Core Values

We believe that students can be taught and assessed in 21st century skills we call EMPOWER skills.  Across all mastery standards EMPOWER skills are intertwined and assessed for credit upon graduation.  We reinforce the use of these critical skills during Advisory.  Relationships are built and create a supportive environment to spur growth and cultural competence across the school.  Students benefit from 1-1 mentoring and are held accountable for their academic progress towards graduation.

During our weekly town hall staff have the opportunity to call out students and award EMPOWER awards for excellence.

Final Recruitment Half Sheets, Updated 8
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