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Mastery Transcript

Students demonstrate their knowledge during interdisciplinary seminars by submitting evidence into our learning management software.


For each standard taught a student is required to have at least one piece of evidence in order to demonstrate proficiency or mastery. Students continue to submit evidence until they are consistently showing at least Proficiency (P) of a standard. No credit or partial credit can be given until proficiency, at minimum, is met for a standard. 


Students are encouraged to seek Mastery (M) prior to their transcript being generated upon graduation.  

We are a member of the Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC) and have been selected as one of nine high schools to participate in the pilot for the new model transcript.

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2021 Graduate, Soph, shares her thoughts on Pathways High being a Mastery Transcript school.  Soph is headed to NYU in the fall.

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