For each standard taught a student is required to have at least one piece of evidence in order to demonstrate proficiency or mastery.  Students continue to submit evidence until they are consistently showing at least Proficiency (P) of a standard. No credit or partial credit can be given until at minimum Proficiency is met for a standard. See the Academic Handbook for more detailed information.


Students are encouraged to seek Mastery (M) prior to receiving final credit for the course. Therefore, completed standards will be transcripted at the end of a students Junior year.


Seminar Reports will be generated quarterly and will provide a narrative evaluation that is constructive and actionable.


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We are a member of the Mastery Transcript Consortium and will be participating in the pilot for the new model transcript.


We do not give grades on a traditional scale nor do we require a certain amount of “seat time” in a classroom. Instead, students demonstrate their knowledge during interdisciplinary seminars by submitting evidence into our learning management software. 



We have partnered with Indigo Education to take the Indigo Me assessment.  This assessment is given to all new students to provide valuable insights into 21st century skills, behaviors, motivators, and social-emotional perceptions. 


During Advisory, students will learn what all of the results mean.  Below is a sample of the report students will receive with a detailed commentary explaining all of the results.

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No person may be denied admission to any public school or be denied participation in, be denied the benefits of or be discriminated against in any curricular, extracurricular, pupil services, recreational or other program or activity because of the person's sex, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation or physical, mental, emotional or learning disability.