• Client Concerns: 

    • Is the zoo experience for patrons helping the zoo meet its mission?

    • Could the exhibits be more interactive/hands-on?

    • Could Technology be integrated into more informational aspects of the zoo?

    • Is the zoo experience positive, comfortable and educational for all ages and types of people?

  • Existing Conditions:

    • Animal habitats/buildings will not change

  • Constraints: 

    • Incorporate all new design ideas into the existing habitat/buildings

  • Project Challenge

    • Redesign one aspect of an exhibit to make it easier to learn about the animals, their habitat, risk level for being endangered

    • Define the age group this design is for

    • Explain how it would make the learning easier, faster and/or more accessible

    • How would this new design make the overall zoo experience better, more comfortable, or easier to use/be in the space

How can the zoo fully engage patrons of all ages, to further educate the public on topics related to the animals and be more comfortable or user-friendly?

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