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DeSIGN Challenge:
It Starts With A Question
essential question

How do we use space to create community? 

REAL-World Learning

Where else but at Pathways High would students volunteer to come in during their spring break to participate in a hands-on presentation with geotechnical engineers from Terracon. They wanted to see first-hand the work geotechnical engineers must do to extract core soil samples around a building’s footings and measure the soil’s load-bearing capacity. These students are construction explorers being mentored by a 2020 Pathways High graduate and near peer construction ambassador, Cam Jones. The group is actively engaged in the study necessary for Pathways High to expand its building.

Students continued their exploration of construction-related careers and the geotechnical engineering work involved in the school’s real-world building expansion project during a session with Terracon last week. Cake and cookies were involved as Terracon engineers, Paul Koszarek and Catherine Vnuk, demonstrated how building footings are reinforced when they are constructed in soil that is too soft (think spongy vanilla cake) to support the full load of the building. Load numbers were crunched along with the cake! The team is excited to review Terracon’s final report and load-bearing capacity calculations of the soil underneath our  school.

Mastery Standards

text analysis

I can analyze complex ideas and explain the interaction developed throughout the text.

technical writing

I can create examples of clear and easy to understand technical writing. Examples could be creating technical directions, technical writing in science, engineering, design, computer science or mathematics.

digital media & tech integration

I can make and use digital media to create and enhance communication through formal public presentations.

problem solving through inquiry

I can create strong products through the process of inquiry, posing questions that arise from curiosity. The process includes posing of questions, research, focused exploration of ideas, gathering evidence of feedback from others, including peers.

Technical Skill 

I can use specific tools and processes to create well-crafted artwork that is appropriate for the visual communication intended. Student can apply past knowledge and experience to new situations using technical skills learned.

IMG_20220307_131223 (1).jpg

IMPACT Experiences:

Bucks Deer District Expansion

Boldt site visit

Bader Community Center


script & outline writing

I can write clear outlines for public speaking and/or planning a script for communication of any type.

clear & coherent writing

I can write clearly through organization and style.

textural evidence

Students cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of accurate/truthful information, bias in the text and  determine where the text leaves matters uncertain.

student projects

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