Whether they're called EMPOWER, 21st Century, or Life skills, these cross-sector competencies are the currency most sought after by employers today and for the foreseeable future and for good reason. Those that possess these skills are best able to adapt to dynamic and rapidly evolving circumstances, the new norm today. Innovation is disrupting every industry and societal institution. One's ability to thrive depends on well-developed EMPOWER skills.




Selects relevant data or documentation to prove mastery of personal or group goals.

At Pathways High, students are continually building and curating evidence of their skills' mastery through performance on real world projects. Performance assessment provides a much richer and more useful picture of a student's abilities than standardized test scores.


Develops an awareness of personal strengths and motivations to understand their effects.

"Know thyself!" This advice is more complex than it may first appear. Developing an awareness of one's personality characteristics, strengths, and motivations in order to understand their effects is the critical first step in forging meaningful personal and professional relationships. At Pathways High, all students take the Indigo Assessment during their first year in order to gain insights into themselves. The Daily Advisory is also designed to build students' mindfulness.


Demonstrates the ability to use critical thinking to form, evaluate, and implement solutions.

Effective problem formulation and solving in today's dynamic and rapidly changing world is the Holy Grail. At Pathways High, students continually practice this skill inside and outside of school. Furthermore, we create opportunities for "productive collisions" between students and adults in industry and the community in order to develop problem solving skills.


Accepts full or shared responsibility for the success or failure of work.

We are most likely to own our learning/work when we are highly engaged -- intrinsically motivated by the meaning or purpose of our work.  At Pathways High, students achieve excellence through purpose.


Uses written and verbal communication to create consensus in high risk situations.

Together we are better. The ability to collaborate effectively with others is essential to formulate, view, and solve problems today. At Pathways High, students hone their written and verbal communication skills in multiple settings inside and outside of school. 


Incorporates multiple points of view to support and develop work.

Seeking out and appreciating a diversity of perspectives improves our problem solving and enriches our lives.


Integrates critiques and peer reviews as part of improvement process.

Reflection and refinement go hand in hand. Rarely are our first solutions the best ones so becoming adept at continuous improvement raises the tide for all.



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