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impact year


They guided me and helped me with any and everything I needed in the process of getting accepted and attending.

We believe that connecting students to adults and career opportunities in our region creates a pipeline of exceptional young adults who want to remain here and contribute to a thriving community. IMPACT takes the form of experiences within the interdisciplinary seminars,  internships and/or apprenticeships and an optional fifth/IMPACT year.

IMPACT diploma students have the opportunity to design a fifth/IMPACT year which could include additional apprenticeships or internships, certification programs and up to 2 dual enrollment courses per a semester. Students spend the majority of their time outside of our school but still retain the full support of our staff and resources.

Making an IMPACT on the real World


impact internships


I had such an amazing experience with the nine-month internship that I knew I wanted to continue to be a part of TGG, simply because they have helped me grow as an individual and young black woman. I have gained so much knowledge and now I have the opportunity [as a TGG apprentice] to put that knowledge to good use and help others in my community.

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