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Mywellness overview
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MyWellness is a holistic curriculum and measurement tool that addresses four critical components of wellbeing:

  1. Self-awareness

  2. Mental Health (My Mind)

  3. Physical Health (My Body)

  4. Finding Purpose (My Path)

MyWellness meets young people where they are and supports their development of agency over their own wellbeing, empowering them on their wellness journey. Agency is powerful and infinitely scalable.

developing Agency over  wellbeing

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Four Pathways High students worked in collaboration with the Brand Lab and SRH Agency to develop a marketing and advertising campaign to support NAMI’s youth mental health program End the Silence. They raised nearly $2,500!

GEtting the word out 

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Pathways High and WAGET convened a youth summit "Wisconsin Teens at the Plate" in the spring of 2023. Students from three high schools came together to discuss mental health and propose a solution to a mental health issue at their school. Students presented to a panel of judges "Shark Tank"-style and received funding towards their proposed solutions to be implemented at each school.

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