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Art Teachers at NuVu Innovation Camp! Day 1:

We are so excited to be in Cambridge, Massachusetts for the NuVu Innovation Camp!  The NuVu School is a high school that allows students to attend for a 2 week seminar, a full semester or to complete all 4 years of high school.  NuVu focuses on Studio Lab Seminars that use their studio model.  The studio model is very closely aligned with the design thinking process...our favorite process as art innovation teachers!  

We spent the day practicing being students in a NuVu mini seminar.  Seminars at NuVu start with a studio briefing, where the coaches present a real world problem to solve.  Innovation is impossible unless you are solving a problem or reshaping an existing item, model, social construct, etc. Our problem to solve revolved around the negative effects of cell phone dependency and social media.  We needed to come up with a product that would make a positive impact on society with this in mind.  Below you can see our brainstorm, sketches, final product and overview.  We can't wait to bring all these great processes back to Pathways High in the fall! You can read our pitch here.

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