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Pathways High Students are Mastery Transcript Pioneers!

We are excited to share this in-depth Washington Post article featuring Pathways High students and their use of the Mastery Transcript in the college admissions process!

Over the course of a year, the authors, Thomas Toch and Alina Tugend, followed Pathways High seniors, Sophia and Saida, and staff as the students curated their Mastery Transcript and universities evaluated these transcripts as part of their admissions process. The entire article provides context for the Mastery Transcript's development and valuable insights on the complexity of shifting an entrenched institution-centered education system to a more learner-centered one. If you would like to go directly to the section highlighting the Pathways High students, this section appears midway through the article.

Although Pathways High is small, the pioneering work our learners are doing is already making a significant positive impact on their own lives and the evolution of education! Young people are leading the way forward in Milwaukee, our state, and across the country! Let's take notice and support their tremendous work as they are our future!

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