Human Rights Past or Present?

Did you know that everyone in today’s world is born with a set of rights that all governments are supposed to give them? That even in war, which shows man at its worst, there is a code that must be adhered to? It’s when these rights aren’t given, that’s when someone or some country makes it into the history books. These rights as we know them are called Human Rights. But what does that mean and why does it matter today? This is still an ongoing issue that affects millions today, and how the world is responding leaves a lot of questions to be answered. In this class we will cover the worst of humanity from the likes of Stalin’s Russia, to Hitler’s holocaust, and from Palestine to Syria. We’ll discover what went wrong, how the world responded, and eventually figure out what we can do today to solve today’s problems. You will get to voice your opinions and debate with your classmates on sensitive topics as well as construct something at the end to be displayed for the community.

Final Product/Project:

  • Art Piece (painting, mural, computer program, diagram, photography, clay, drawing, graphic design, etc)

  • Curate the students gallery, build a website explaining the pieces


  • Problem Solving

  • Working Together

IMPACT Experiences:

  • Speaker from the Human Rights Campaign, Skype conversation with a survivor or a doctor/dentist who have gone to help 3rd world countries, speaker from church group or other missionaries, Field trip to the Jewish Museum of Milwaukee

Academic Pathways:

  • World History

  • Anthropology

  • English

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