March 24th, Covid-19 Update

Hello PH families,

I am very optimistic that what seems like a challenging time in our world will impact us positively and hopeful that it will be the impetus for change in education.  Pathways High is set up well for remote learning and our team has taken this rare and unique opportunity to continue to do things that are outside of the box. I couldn't be more proud of our staff for resisting the temptation to conduct business as usual as far as instruction goes.  We could have easily fallen back to traditional methods of learning that we know are outdated but are easier to implement. I think it's important that we capitalize on the time we are being given to hone better practices that can be used when we return to brick and mortar. Our students and families have responded very well to our planning and I think we are ahead of the game because of the time we devoted to student ownership of learning and creating students that advocate for their needs.  We are seeing kids take charge of their learning, reach out to teachers in ways they haven't before, and ask thoughtful questions that are challenging our methods. All of this is positive.  

Stay healthy and please stay in touch if you have questions or needs.

New Updates & Resources:

  1. As of March 24th, 2020 Governor Evers has issued a stay at home order until April 24th,2020.  We will continue our virtual learning plan until that date or further directives come from the state.  

  2. A great resource for parents looking for more ideas for student learning. Student-Made E-Books: E-books are a fresh, satisfying option for having students demonstrate learning, and they're surprisingly easy to make: Students create a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation, save it as a PDF, and voilà, an e-book. This post offers a ton of ideas for how these could be used.  

  3. The following website gives some actional options for coping with the fear, anxiety and chaos of these times. There are podcasts, apps and blogs on the page that will help bring calm to your daily life.

Reminders from previous emails:

  1. Quarter 3 seminar deadlines have been extended to April 3rd to accommodate student needs.  Students should continue to work on Aleks during this time. We made students aware of this on Friday.

  2. Quarter 4 will begin April 6th. Each student has one seminar (instead of 3) and they will  be responsible for their learning with Aleks. (20 topics a week) We made this move so that teachers in the seminars could go deeper with their instruction and devote more time to conferencing and helping students meet the expectations.  Each seminar will have 10-12 students in it and seminar teachers will be in close contact with students and families during this time. More information regarding this will be coming directly to you from each seminar teacher.

  3. Please stay in touch through Facebook as we post updates as well as videos on our page.  

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