March 29th Covid-19 Update

Hello PH families,

Thank you for your attention to the updates we have been sending  and before forging ahead in this endeavor, I respectfully ask that we continue to work cooperatively with patience, understanding, and empathy for everyone's situation in meeting the educational needs of our students. There will be much to learn on many levels and we are going to need to help each other out during these exceptional times. Please continue to reach out if you have any questions. 

The updates for today are brief:

New Updates & Resources:

  • This week teachers and students will focus on closing out quarter 3 and preparing for quarter 4 to begin on April 6th.  Please look for communication later in the week from your student’s seminar teacher. 

  • This week is also social media culture week for PH students.  Each day we have a fun post we’d like students to share.  Monday we will be posting videos of students listening to their favorite music while doing their work.  Tuesday is “home uniform” day where students get to post themselves dressed in their favorite at home work clothes.  Wednesday we are asking kids to post themselves or a meme about how they feel about working at home. Shouting out another student will be Thursday.  Friday we ask students to post a shout out for a teacher! Let’s have fun with this!  

  • All the state testing for the state of WI has been waived.  Our students will not be taking any further form of standardized testing this school year.

  • Please encourage your child to continue to work on Aleks this week. If your child needs support with Aleks please have him/her reach out to their Alek’s teacher.

  • This link will take you to a website for the CDC and taking care of your emotional health during this time period:

  • Finally, we continue to post things on our Facebook page.  Please look for updates but also link to our virtual townhalls that celebrate students while learning virtually.

Thank you for your continued support,

Pathways High Staff

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