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Pathways High’s 1st Friend Raiser Celebrates Connections that Unleash All Learners’ Potential. Now.

Over 170 people attended Pathways High’s First Friend Raiser, “One Connection. Limitless Opportunities.” held at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s Stackner Cabaret on Thursday, October 24, 2019. The event was a celebration of the connections that are supporting Pathways High and opening doors to limitless opportunities for Pathways High students. Presentations by board members, students, and a parent/higher education leader incorporated themes of gratitude, urgency for real world learning opportunities, and excitement for the learners’ potential that is being unleashed.

“Will you join us?” Pathways High Co-founder and Board President, Julia Burns, introduced her presentation with this driving question. She expressed her gratitude for all those who have joined to support Pathways High along the four year journey to develop, launch, and grow the project-based, learner-centered high school. Special thanks was given to the event’s generous IMPACT and EMPOWER sponsors which included:

Board member Lisa Mauer & her husband, Ed Probst

Board member and Executive Director of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Chad Bauman

Scott and Lindsay Priebe

The Kelben Foundation, led by board member Mary Kellner

The D’Attilio Family

Reinhart Boerner

Park Bank Foundation

Fiduciary Management

IntelAegis, a Pathways High IMPACT partner

Bridge Builders, Founded by board member Kurt Owens

Pathways High student, Xiomara Mitchell described the doors that were opened to her for an internship with the Hispanic Collaborative after she initiated and collaborated on a Latin Culture seminar at Pathways High. Additionally, students who had developed and launched two businesses -- MKE Socks and Artisanal Delights -- showcased their businesses developed as part of two Pathways High interdisciplinary seminars: entrepreneurship and global citizenship, respectively. Both businesses include a give-back to the community.

Also in attendance were Pathways High board members: Elizabeth Meyer, Walter Bond, Mary Kellner, Kurt Owens, and Lisa Mauer; Co-founders, Tina Schulz and Jen Walkowiak; and staff members: Kim Taylor, Director; Stacy Knetter, Principal; Franz Meyer, Dean of Culture; Angelique Byrne, Art and Design teacher; and Michelle Raynier, Operations Manager. Additional attendees included many business and community leaders, current and prospective IMPACT partners, and friends and family.

Presenters reinforced the message of the power of networks and that Pathways High was designed to facilitate connections or productive collisions for students and staff through its IMPACT Program. Furthermore, connections between people, especially people of diverse backgrounds, strengths, and perspectives expands our region’s collective capability to tackle complex challenges and get better at knowing what we don’t know and doing what we’ve never done before. It was noted that our community cannot afford to squander any talent. There are too many complex challenges to address that require every voice contributing to the solutions.

Pathways High is committed to unleashing all learners’ potential. Now. Will you join us?


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