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Daily Structures

Pathways High operates on a trimester schedule and a typical day is comprised of unique parts that help students forge their own path. Click on each underlined topic below for more details.










Personalized, self-paced online math curriculum. Students are required Integrated Math 1 & 2 to graduate. Supported by staff,  students will have an hour of time daily to work on completing ALEKS topics.


Students work at their own pace in mixed-grade interdisciplinary, hands-on learning seminars allowing them to pursue credit across multiple standards in multiple topics concurrently.


The purpose of Puma is to foster an understanding of literacy as essential for lifelong learning, empathy, agency and to augment regular literacy instruction by providing additional opportunities to develop reading, discussion, and critical thinking skills.

Pumas run a full trimester, meeting for 45 minutes, Tuesday-Friday. Students have the opportunity to earn Communication Arts and Future Readiness standards in Puma.


Strong, positive relationships are built during advisory, creating a supportive environment for students made up of their peers and an advisor. 


CORE is designed to create explicit time and space for students to learn key skills needed to produce high quality projects. CORE, organized by grade level, will build student academic skills and project presentation skills.


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Collaboration for student Growth

Teachers work collaboratively throughout the school year in order to provide rigorous academics for every student. An essential part of this is utilizing Teacher Action Research Teams.

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