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At Pathways High we deliver the state required high school academic standards through multi-subject experiences called Interdisciplinary Seminars. Students' learning is shown through final projects and evidence of Mastery Standard proficiency.

Students select seminars that contain the Mastery Standards they need in order to graduate. Students are supported by their Academic Advisor in selecting the seminars to keep them on track for graduation.


Each seminar contains the following components:  

  • IMPACT EXPERIENCE: Real-world learning opportunities, including field experiences, industry expert speakers, and community service projects.

  • EMPOWER SKILLS: Seven future-readiness life skills 


  • MASTERY STANDARDS: 6-10 Mastery Standards with the ability for students to "kick it up a notch" by adding additional or advanced standards with staff approval.

  • MILESTONES:  Per the syllabus, students periodically submit evidence into our learning management software for staff assessment.

  • FINAL PROJECT: The deliverable that demonstrates a student's understanding of the essential seminar question.  Students will select a final project to present during exhibition, held three times a year.

The "Milwaukee waters" seminar was just featured on wisn12. check it out here.
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