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We accept students for who they are and meet students where they are.

My why for working at Pathways High is...


franz Meyer


...because I want to be a part of more than just a single small school, but rather one that is helping make Education itself more equitable, more relevant to the future, and more fun.  After years of working in schools where everyone is just trying to "get through" material and the memorable experiences happen after the school day ends, I have found a place where we are innovating and changing the face of American education to truly serve all children as unique individuals with not just potential for the future, but the capacity to impact their community now.


Sarah maule


...the culture, love of learning through authentic inquiry, and trusting relationships between students, families, and staff! I love being part of a unique place where in addition to rigorous academics, students' identities and development are truly the center of our "why." I feel privileged to have the opportunity to lead, grow, and learn alongside the Pathways High community.

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Serina Jamison

Dean of Culture

…because I want to contribute to a learning community committed to empowering students to create the life they desire. 

Aryana Barudin

Enrollment & Marketing 

...Pathways High provides exceptional education, allowing students to pursue their goals and passions. 


michelle raynier

Operations Manager

...the students!


brandi anthony

School Counselor

...because I believe in our mission.  I want to be a part of an educational system that is student-centered and focuses on understanding the "why."


Megan goers

Innovation & Design Specialist

…we put people and relationships first. At Pathways High, we value individuality and provide a safe space for our diverse student population to express their unique perspectives and demonstrate learning in innovative and alternative means. Real-world learning experiences open up opportunities for students to discover their passions and envision a fulfilling life beyond high school. We are different, we are real and I love it.


mary langmyer

Special Education & Math

...because I want to work in an educational community that values LEARNING FOR LIFE.


Julia Mach

Senior Advisor & IMPACT Coordinator

…because all students should have the opportunity to be successful and reach their full potential. Students often are left to figure out what works for them instead of being given a support system that allows for them to ask the question “why” without hearing “because this is the way it has always been.” Instead, we, as a learning community, should foster students' innate curiosity which often leads to new, unthinkable solutions.



Math Teacher

...because it's the perfect fit for me. The philosophy of the school, the administrators, the staff and the students aligns with my personal philosophy of how students should be treated in schools. I see everyday how engaged students can be when the content is made applicable to their interests and to their life situations."



Computer & Math Teacher

...because traditional education is not working for far too many of our nation's learners.  It is frustrating to see a student's potential caged rather than unleashed. When given the opportunity to work for a school with the potential to revolutionize both how learning happens and is measured, I had to take it!



Science Teacher

...because we are designed and dedicated to help students find their own way, rather than coerce students to march lockstep down some mythical, turn of the century, Prussian highway to knowledge and efficiency.



Humanities Teacher the real-life skills we can learn in a history classroom. Memorizing names and dates are not important, but the empathy, the perspectives, and the critical thinking skills that can all be applied to our world outside of these walls are vital.


Meredith novak

English Language Arts

…because the Pathways structure aligns with my view of what education should be. Everyone should be able to find their passions through exploration, feel that their voice is valued, and treat others with empathy. Pathways creates the space for all these and more!


joshua mcintyre

Special Education Support

...because no two students are the same! Each and every student learns in different ways and at different paces. Pathways High embraces these differences and uses them to help students succeed. Students get to use their learning to help impact those around them, and that is something I wish I could have experienced in high school, what an opportunity! 


dr. melissa Schoeffel

Literacy Specialist

... because I believe that the Pathways model is a more equitable approach to education and that it better prepares our children to face the significant social and environmental challenges they're inheriting. I am thrilled to be a part of the Pathways community!


Micaela Brand

Special Education Assistant 

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